Last night, I worked at MOCA in Los Angeles, CA for the wrap up of Downtown LA Fashion Week’s Spring Collection 2010.

The Battalion

The show opened with The Battalion, an eco-friendly label.  “The Battalion specializes in knits and woven fabrics that are eco-friendly, primarily bamboo, organic cotton blends, recycled polyester and some cruelty free “peace” silk.  Their Spring 2010 collection, L’Atelier De Danse was gracefully and elegant similar to a ballet featuring dreamy textures like lace, organza, and feather-like angled razor fringe.”

Oliver Tolentino

Following The Battalion was the talented Filipino designer Oliver Tolentino, who is known for making clothes for Imelda Marcos, showcased his evening wear and gowns.

Elizabeth Mason - Vintage Valentino

The celebration ended with of vintage Valentino by Elizabeth Mason.  She put together a collection of vintage dresses that represents her vision of Valentino’s influences ranging from Dior, Versace, and Vicky Tiel to Yves Saint Laurent.


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