Take out all of your “BLACK” articles of clothing and make that transformation straight out of your closet without having to spend a dime.

Different looks:

Look #1:

a) Plain long black vneck to make it a dress
b) Leather tights
c) Flat boots (motorcycle for newest trend, otherwise try any from the previous seasons)
d) Leather Jacket or long black sweater (Even your boyfriends cardigans)-Wear with a belt going across the outside of the sweater if oversized
e) Gold Accessories (Yours, your mothers, etc) – Wear the bracelets, necklaces, rings

Look #2:

a) Black spaghetti strap dress
b) Over the knee boots
c) Long gold or silver necklace with pearls (2-3 of them)
d) Stocking(any color, creme color would be fun)

Looks #3

a) Black shorts
b) Cami inside with loose tank top for layered look
c) Booty shoes
d) Blazer (Your closet or your moms old blazers) -MUST cuff the sleeves
e) Tons of thin bracelets on one arm
f) Fat or big clutch

If you can’t picture it on your own or create these, try these styles:






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