I understand why people spend more money on quality material and constructed dresses. But, if you’re not going to wear it a lot, there is always an alternative to pay less to have a similar look.
Take these 2 dresses for example:

Max Studio – $198 – Watercolour Chiffon Dress

Compare it to this tie dress dress from XXI for -$22.80

If you’re going to wear it a lot, I understand spending a bit more on the dress.  You can clearly see the MaxStudio dress has more expensive material and flows a lot better when you sit or walk.  Meaning the dress is a bit more flattering on the person. But, if it’s a one time wear all you have to do is accessorize the cheaper dress with “elegant and classy” jewelry.  Because this dress is made of a material that sticks more to the skin, do not eat 5 donuts or 2 Big Macs prior to wearing this dress. Pace yourself and walk with elegance.

All you need for the XXI dress is:
1. One mid-size gold bangle – Solid color
2. One pair of gold dangling earrings – Nothing too crazy
3. Open toe heels if possible (Earthy tone)

Make your accessories simple and solid because there is already a lot going on with the dress, so you don’t want to make the dress look $22.80 but to look $220.80.

Best place for cheap and stylish accessories is no other than XXI – www.forever21.com

Try it for yourself and feel free to send me photos if you need more advice.


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