I went on a Royal Caribbean International “Oasis of the Sea” cruise to the Western Caribbean last week with my boyfriend’s family.  Excellent cruise. Best Ever. Amazing fashion on the cruise from people all over the world.

So let’s get to the point. My luggage never made it to my stateroom, so I had to work with the limited amount of clothes I had with absolutely no accessories.  You all know in the fashion world, not having any accessories is like not having a bra with your outfit. I realized that I never even had to pack some of the clothes I had in the other luggage and could have minimized space.  Sometimes its better not to have a huge selection of clothes to wear because you don’t have to stress about which one to wear.

Here is what you need to minimize your bag and still look CUTE:

1. 1 pair of high waisted shorts

Reason: You can wear any tank over it during the day to walk around in the hot weather to build a casual summer look, but also wear it at night to attend shows or to dance in.  Serves the purpose for 2 occasions.  Try Arden B and Bebe. If they are out of season, go to Buffalo Exchange or any vintage store.

2. 2 basic tank tops (Black & White)

Reason: Same as number one.

3. 2 formal dresses for 2 formal nights

Reason: There is no minimizing and wearing the same dress during formal night. Lets remember to not be tackalicious.  Just try to find 2 dresses that match the one pair of formal shoes you are wearing. Try solid colors

4. 1 pair of heels that match both your dresses

Reason: You have other shoes you need to pack. One shoe is enough. Okay, so you don’t have to wear MB’s but you get the idea. Try Steve Madden, Aldo, or Nine West..

5. 1 necklace/bracelet set to match formal wear

Reason: You need accessories even if your dress is loud. Even if its just stud earrings. I’ll let you decide on which ones. Try Forever 21, Banana Republic, Express.

6. Bathing Suit (1 or 2 depending on how much you go into the water)

Reason: Just in case one gets filthy. Cute bathing suits at Victoria Secret or Target.

7. Cover up for Bathing Suit

Reason: While you’re sitting on the lounge chair in your bathing suit, you can be looking classy and fabulous as well just by putting a cute cover up on. Try Target, Ebay, Amazon, or any beach store of course.

8. 1 pair of Sandals

Reason: Obvious! You’re on a cruise. Preferably Brown. Anywhere!

9. 1 Cute Summer Hat

Reason: Duh ! You gotta block your face from to much sun exposure sometimes and besides it’s stylish! H&M, Forever 21, Target.

10. 1 pair of Sunglasses

Reason: If you have sensitive eyes like me, you’ll regret not bringing them. The sun is scorching. It’s summer and the suns out, wear em.

11. 1 pair of boots

Reason: They are cute any season and comfortable! Wear them only at night on the cruise ship for shows, to gamble or dance! I don’t care if its summer time. Wear them with your high waisted shorts with leggings.

Although summer is over, the weather is still like summer when you’re in the Caribbeans!


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