The Hive, a fashion boutique located at the Lab in Costa Mesa.  Spotted this boutique when I went to Buffalo Exchange to find some vintage shorts.  Trying to kill time, I walked around the Lab and noticed the Hive.  From the window displays, the first perception of this place was intriguing and “expensive”.  I went in and started to look through their collection noticing the prices were extremely reasonable.  Dresses for $40!  So, I decided to continue my journey through the entire store and found new discoveries. The Hive gets my vote for top 3 boutiques in Orange County.

The Hive left such a great impression on me, I decided to contact the owner for an interview.

VK: What are your full names?

DO: My brother Diego Ortiz (President) and my name is Jose Luis Ortiz (CFO).

VK:  Is this your 1st clothing store?

DO:  Yes for the moment.

VK:  How did you get started into the fashion industry and when?

DO:  I worked in a fashion boutique around 5 years ago and I liked the business.

VK:  Are you also a designer and if so what inspires you to design this type of clothing?

DO:  We have a team creating new shapes, play with colors, balance, time, feelings, and history.

VK:  What can I find at this store?

DO:  You can buy the displays, furniture, lamps.  Each one has a history.  For example, one is handmade from India.  They don’t repeat the same design. The details, color, dimensions are changed.  Each item is our identity.

VK:  Besides being a clothing store owner, is there anything else you are doing?

DO:  I’m a Graphic Designer too.  The advertisements, displays, shapes, and colors are familiar with me.  My brother Diego does the International Relations.

VK:  What made you decide to open this store and why at the Lab?

DO:  The Lab is anti-mall delight, uniqueness, fashion, art, and identity.

VK:  Do you hold events at your store?

DO:  Fashion Shows and OC Events.  You can find our events at

VK:  What can we expect in the future?

DO:  Open more stores, keeping the style and atmosphere.

President, Diego Ortiz

Photo Credits : Ryan Ng
Much Thanks to Diego Ortiz.


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