I was very blessed and fortunate to interview Jeannie Mai, best known for her work as the host of Style Network’s How do I Look? and correspondent on NBC’s Extra TV.  I chose to contact Jeannie not only because she is a beautiful fashion stylist, American makeup artist, fashion expert, and TV personality.  On top of her multitude of talents, I wanted everyone to recognize her for the confidence she gives to other women making them feel comfortable in their own skin.

SV:  How did the love of fashion develop for you?

JM: It came and continues to come every single time I see someone stand a lil straighter from looking fly in the mirror. I love swagger, love the way a color or texture can bring out the beautiful features we all have.

SV: What did you want to be when you were younger?
JM: I have always, always wanted people to feel recognized.
SV: Were you always this stylish?
JM: Heck to the no. I certainly learned what worked best for my body, but at the same time to be comfortable in my own skin.
SV: What other jobs did you work prior to being the host of How do I look?
JM: Well let’s see.. I’ve been a server at TGIF, an office admin (UGH.. I never wish fluorescent lighting anybody), and a makeup artist.

SV: How did you land a job on How do I look?
JM: I was approached by Style Network for a few shows prior to HDIL, and they saw my passion for pretty. I heart them. 

SV: What would your best fashion tip be?
JM: Use fashion to brand who you are. Make yourself stand out through your looks- nobody else has em! Whether it be a color you wear often or a trade mark style touches from a certain era, own it. 

SV: What is the one store you recommend for women in their late 20s, early 30s to shop?
JM: Topshop, Bloomingdales, ASOS ONLINE!! I’m obsessed with that last one. 

SV: I think the idea of your prayer box is amazing. It really touched me.  How did you come up with this idea?

JM: I like to see faith in action. I think we all need to see to believe. When you watch people putting lil pockets of hope into the box, and you read words written from a stranger, it fills your own hope you need, too.

SV: I understand that you are a big foodie. What is your all time favorite to go to food?
JM: Sweet potato fries. I’m always on the hunt for skinny, crunchy, with uber sauces. I need to stop eating them or I won’t fit in my dang pencil skirts anymore
SV: You inspire a lot of fashionistas, especially me. What advice would you give for someone that wants to be where you are today?

JM: First off, I return the appreciation because people like you make me do what I want to do. So thank you Vivian. For your own path, how bad do you want it? Find what it is that gives you reason to go through all the wonderful hurdles that it takes to accomplish your calling. Make it your mission statement, and commit to making it FUN for yourself as it is for others to receive what you bring. And finally, finish every single night with a way you can be better and start the next morning with a word of thanks.

Learn more about Jeannie Mai at and USA Network.
Jeannie Mai’s Personal Blog

Personal thanks to Jeannie Mai and Jed Shireman 
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