Thinking of what to be for Halloween, but don’t want the typical costume you can find online or at stores that millions of other females will have?  Be a fashionista for Halloween and still be able to use your costume after Halloween is over.  It will be the most practical and most worn costume you have ever owned.  Not to mention stylish and creative!

1. Anna Wintour – Editor in Chief of American Vogue

Photo Credits: Getty Images

1. Wig – Try to go to Goodwill, Vintage Store or Wig Store
2. Sunglasses –  Any big dark sunglasses will work – (Target, Forever 21, Cart at mall)
3. Black Pea Coat – I’m sure you already have one in your closet, but check Forever 21 – $32.80.
4. Scarf – I know many of you living in Southern California find it useless to have a scarf because it never really gets that cold here, but I’m SURE most of you do for trend.  Regardless of whether you have one or not, go to Urban Outfitters – $28 and grab one.

2. Audrey Hepburn (Breakfast at Tiffanys)

1. French Roll hair – Tie your hair in a ponytail first and then wrap it around in a bun and tie it.
2. Tiara (Party City, Claires)
3. Long Cigarette Holder (Use Chopstick to make)
4. Pearl necklace (Ask Mom or Grandma)
5. White gloves (Claires, Target)
6. Black Heels

3. Sandy Olsson (Grease)

1. Off the shoulder top – If none, just wear tube top (Arden B has some good quality tube tops)
2. Leather Motorcycle jacket (Urban outfitters, Forever 21)
3. Black Tights
4. Red Shoes (Can be pumps, open toe, etc)
5. Blonde wig – Use curling tools and tease comb to make your hair big
6. Black Belt with Gold (Any Fashion Store)
7. Gold Hoop Earrings
8. Dark eye makeup with RED lipstick

Happy Halloween!


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