Do you believe that fashion feng shui can meet certain needs in your life?  Needs such as love, seeking employment or relaxation.  The color you loved to wear may possibly be the worst fit for you.  Maybe its time to try something new for more positive energy and a better balance in life.  Whether you believe fashion feng shui or not, I’m all for trying new styles!  It’s 2011! We need change.


Red – This is the ideal color to draw attention to yourself. Wear red if you’re going on an audition, showing off your creative work, or want to set yourself apart from the crowd. Avoid this color if you’re suffering from nervousness.

White – Nothing inspires trust like the color white. Wear this color when you want to appear detailed, efficient, and faultless. Keep away from white when you want to convey a relaxed, easygoing image. White can also promote anxiety, so use it carefully.

Black – Black conveys a sense of depth and strength that is most formidable. Wear this color when you want to command authority or exude mystery. Stay away from black, however, if people question your motives or if you want to be treated as an equal.

Read more on fashion feng shui, here and here.

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