Before I got engaged, there was a wedding dress I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. Through weeks of searching, the dress was no where to be found until last week! I had to search for alternative dresses just in case that dress was nothing as I expected.

In 2-3 weeks span, I’ve learned about 20+ wedding dress designers and browsed over 500 dresses online. It was a nightmare. I even started to dream about these dresses. The more I looked the more frustrated I got knowing that my dream dress was nowhere to be found. There are many beautiful dresses and talented designers but I needed to find a dress that represented me. A dress that my friends can see me in and say “that dress is so you”. It wasn’t about having the most expensive and fabulous dress. It was about feeling happy knowing that the dress I would wear on my wedding day was one that I would never turn back on thinking why did I pick that dress.

I tried on a dress that made me cry when I put it on. I thought that was the dress until I looked at the picture again and realized it wasn’t who I really was. I think the crying was because it was beautiful and the crowd teared up when they saw me in it. Everyone at the store was telling me “this is the dress!”.

It’s true what they say. You will connect to your wedding dress. You won’t necessary cry when you connect to your dress, but you should smile inside every time you think of it.

My dream wedding dress will be revealed after my wedding. In the meantime, I’d like to list out some designers that are worth looking at. From $ range to $$$$$ range.

1. Jasmine Collection – $
2. Priscilla of Boston – $$ – $$$
3. Watters & Watters – $$$
4. Priscilla of Boston Melissa Sweet – $$$$
5. Marchesa – $$$$$


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