T-Shirts, Sushi-Pillows, Button-Hoods oh My! These sure aren’t your run of the mill products you run across these days. The creative dynamic duo that came up with these ingenious designs are Charles and Stella of Eon. I was lucky enough to meet this creative couple years ago. I noticed these sushi pillows when it was first created and wanted to own one myself. With great creative powers comes great responsibilities. Here’s a little of what it took for Eon to take flight.

SV: Tell me a little bit about how Eon was created.

EON: A few years ago we made sushi pillows for a Christmas gift. Turning a sketch idea into the “real” thing engaged a light switch in our heads. From then on it was evident that we made a good team. I guess credit can be given to our imagination – usually based on an inside joke or a common inspiration. Charlie is absolutely gratified by the development process: taking his ideas, exploring, experimenting, and executing into physical form. Both of us are somewhat crafty people, but he really has pulled out the “hands-on designer” in me. It’s like we feed off of each other’s excitement, and that’s what keeps the ball rolling!

SV: What was the inspiration behind Eon?

EON: It’s difficult to pin point a significant influence. So sorry if I’m being vague when I say that we enjoy all spectrums of design. We try our best to emphasize the FUN in FUNctionality. For example, our edamame pillows are fun, quirky, yet really make an ideal neck pillow. Also, our hoods are stylish, but serve it’s purpose – to keep you cozy! Okay, okay.. To somewhat answer the question… The inspiration behind eon is to.. Do better – come up with more ideas/products that will make people smile.

SV: How did you two come up with the name?

EON: There were a few names we came up with, but when we said them out loud, they just didn’t sound right. “Eon” somehow fumbled off my tongue, so one day I looked it up in the dictionary and it read: an indefinite and very long period of time, often a period exaggerated for humorous or rhetorical effect. I liked it, plus it was simple and short! It is a word that stood for a ridiculous measurement of time which I felt suited us best since we had no idea where we were going with this…

SV: What can we find at Eon?

EON: Fun and functionality! Plush, accessories and gifts for practically all genders, young and old. If you’re looking for hand-made from the heart, we’re that!

SV: What are your favorite pieces at Eon that you two have created?

EON: Sherpa hoodies – it’s a hood, lined with warm sherpa material to help keep you cozy. It secures itself by a button or toggle, and is easily portable. This hood is great because it supplements an outfit, and completes a winter coat. And, yes, they feel amazing!

Edamame pillows – versatile in home décor, as well as comfort. Spruce up your couch, bed, car, and pets while bringing a smile to someone’s face! Not only are they whimsical, they can also be used for neck or lumber support 🙂

SV: Is Eon selling anywhere besides your website?

EON: You can find some of our products at Gallery Nucleus, and some consignment shops in Los Angeles such as Flock Shop Los Angeles located in Chinatown.

SV: What’s next for Eon?

EON: Hopefully we will collaborate with other talented artists… In the meantime – get inspired, and create, create, create!

Check out @ Eon !


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