TutuforU Boutique

I recently had the opportunity to interview the designer and creator of TutuforU Beauty Boutique, Jeanette Nguyen.  I have known Jeanette for most of my life because she is my sister’s best friend.  To be honest, I didn’t know much about her creativity and talent.  Months ago, I saw a beautiful tutu on my sisters’s facebook and asked who TutuforU was.  The tutu’s were so amazing and never before seen.  To find out it was my sister’s best friend really took me by surprised but in a good way.  I want to thank Jeanette for taking the time to do this interview with me.  🙂

SV:  Tell me a little bit about how TutuforU Beauty Boutique was created.

TBB: TutuforU Beauty Boutique was founded in December 2010.  I vividly remembered that around that time I was scrambling to find a Christmas gift for my friend’s daughter.  Her daughter was in ballet school at the time.  I ran into a website for tutus and it was then that I learned about tutus and how expensive it was.  I thought to myself, “I can probably do this prettier and for a cheaper price”.  As determine as I was, I went and purchased the materials and made one for my friend’s daughter.  She was so happy and wore it to her ballet class to show off.  To top it off, she had the prettiest tutu in the class.  This in turn gave me the motivation and inspiration to move forward.  So, I decided to advertise my tutus on Craigslist.  I was excited with the outcome of the postings, but even more happy with the outcome of my returning and happy customers.  The referrals that I have been receiving from them have brought even more motivation to me today.

SV:  What was the inspiration behind TutuforU ?

TBB:  The inspiration behind TutuforU was the instant feedback and happiness from my customers.  I couldn’t be happier seeing the SMILES and SINCERE APPRECIATION from my customers.  It is not rare that I get a comment like “ You saved my life, thank you for expediting my order on time for the party, or this is gorgeous”.  My most often reply is “ my pleasure”.

SV:  What do you make at TutuforU?

TBB:  At TutuforU, I make tutu skirts, tutu dresses, hair bows, hair bands, hair clips, ballet slippers, fairy wings and princess crown available for all occasions.  From birthdays, photo shoots, performances, holiday costumes and more.   Your princess can do so much and go so far with my tutus with her imaginations and dreams.  Tutus are delicately handmade with premium tulle and notions. I create tutus for princesses of all ages, from infants, toddlers and even fashionistas.

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SV:  What are your favorite pieces at TutuforU that you have created?

TBB:  All our tutus were named after my customer for the inspirations and motivation they have given me.  They inspired me to use my creativity and imagination, therefore, each tutu is uniquely special to me.

SV:  How can we order from TutuforU? 

TBB:  The ordering process is very simple.  Go to our Facebook and search for “TutuforU Beauty Boutique” to view products on my page.  Your princess can select from our pre-designed tutus collection or personalize a tutu of her own.  I will need the following information: style, length, age and whatever special request you have.  You can also text, call or email in your order to (623-225-9649) and tutuforu8@gmail.com.  I also take order from out of state depending on how many you are ordering.  It can be shipped for free or with a minimal fee since tutus are so light in weight.      

SV:  What’s next for TutuforU?

TBB:  I am so excited that we are going to expand and give TutuforU a face lift in the near future.  I have teamed up with a professional photographer to take pictures of our princesses in the tutus.  I am also working on a website to expand products.  Although these ideas are still under construction and pending due to time and funding, I am looking forward to making this happen very soon.

Thank you The Stylistic V for your time and interest.  TutuforU was honored to have you as a part of us.


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