Growing up I always loved having fake tea parties with my friends. I still remember at the age of 5, I would invite my neighbors over and we would have tea parties in my plastic tea set. Instead of tea, we would pour water in and pretend we were adults drinking tea. I always been infatuated with the era when women wore hats, gloves, fancy pearls, and suits. Basically, when more effort was put into how clothing was made. It’s different now, not to say it’s a bad different but at times I felt I belonged into a different era than I am today. Last weekend, my best friend EJ and his family threw me the bridal shower of a lifetime. It’s was a real Mad hatter tea party with English tea sets, 3-tier party trays, pearls, hats, a cake from Hansen’s bakery, saxophonist, beautifully dressed women and women I loved all in one place. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time I was at the party. It was pure happiness and joy being filled with laughter and love. It felt like I was in a dream and the re-creation of my 5 year old tea party came into reality. It’s really more than words can explain but I’ll never forget this day of my life. I always felt that appreciation should be shared and people should be acknowledged for their hard work, time, love, and efforts. I’d like to personally thank the Alejo family for this beautiful party and making my little dreams turn into reality. Also my friends and family for the lovely gifts, taking photos and being a part of this special day and being in my life. I love you all. 🙂

Event Planners : Annie Dang & EJ Alejo
Food: Engelynne Gomez & Jesse Dang
Host: Evangeline Alejo and Family
Photographers: Yolanda Wang Flores, Daisy Pradyanata, Eri Kimura
Cake: Hansens Bakery
Hat Designer: Kimberly Hoang (Mom)

Some photos to share:

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