The day finally arrived on Saturday, October 29th 2011.  Months before I had posted about my wedding dress but wanted to wait until after our wedding to post photos.  Believe it or not I only tried on 5 dresses total, but already knew what I wanted before I tried on any gown.  I did a google image search on wedding dress and this dress was the only one that I could not take my eyes off of.  Then I looked at who the designer was and oh all people of course.  I definitely never thought I would wear her design just for the sake of her popularity.  I always believed in buying what suited me as a person whether it was a thrift store or Saks Fifth Avenue.  The dress I ended up wearing was not available anywhere in California and when I called NYC no one ever got back to me.  So I was left with no choice but to try on other dresses.

Here are some dresses I tried on before hand.  This was at Mary Me Bridal in Orange.  I think I just went to see what silhouette suited me but I knew deep down inside I wasn’t going to get any of these.

#1 Palamo Blanca

Comment from Friends with me: It’s pretty

EJ (Best Friend) via text : It looks like you’re wearing tissue paper

#2 Watters

Comment from Friends with me : Um it’s pretty.



#4 Monique Lhullier (Bailey)

My best friend EJ took me to Monique Lhullier in West Hollywood.  Of course he would. Designer whore.

This was me on the floor but when I was on the stand in front of the mirror.  Everyone at the store stopped to stare at me and told me THIS IS THE ONE! It’s beautiful its the ONE!  I even got teary and was going to put an order on this dress.  It was the first day this dress arrived in my size too!  Oh how convenient wasn’t it? I thought this was the one because I cried and said this is it.  Brides, don’t be fooled by the emotions of other people because in the end you want to find a dress that is you.  EJ was super excited that I was going to get this dress.  He sent me a photo that day and I kept looking and looking at it and thought I looked like a dwarf.  The more I looked at it I felt like I was drowning in the dress and it only looked good with me on the stand because I looked taller.  Oh the ILLUSION. So this wasn’t it.  I didn’t want a dress that would outdo me. =) It was beautiful and almost avant garde though.


So days went on and I still couldn’t stop thinking of “the dress”.  I was online searching and found this picture and just knew I had to find it somehow.


It was Vera Wang staring at one particular dress only and it was DAWN dress at the 20th Anniversary at Bloomingdale’s.  I thought this dress was so meant to be for me.  The thing was my husband already seen a picture of this dress and went to search for Vera Wang’s Flagship store number for me.  He had given it to me, but I had totally forgotten about it.  So finally I remembered that he had given me this number and called it.  Within 30 minutes, this extremely nice lady named Tara said she would ship it to the LA Store for free in a sample size.  I hung up the phone and emailed my friend EJ, IM GOING TO FAINT!

So I would love to thank my husband, Ryan Ng for helping me find the perfect dress for me. 🙂

#5 (THE FINALE) No other than VERA WANG

This is me at Vera Wang Store in LA.  The entire dress had to be customized for me because I’m so petite.  This was when it was still super big on me.

In picture : Rainey from Vera Wang.  She’s so amazing and awesome.  I love her.  Makeup done that day was by Chiali Meng.  Also another amazing artist.

Wedding Photos will be updated in the next post with Finale Dress 🙂



  1. I agree – out of all the dresses you tried on, Vera Wang was totally you. Only the chest and off the shoulder part of Lhullier looked good. The rest of the dress had too much going on. Your make-up looked great on you when tried on “The Dress.” =)

  2. Yeah, I think I need to try on dresses without my friends because everything looks pretty on me. Lol. Advice: You should go alone or have 1 or 2 people and no mothers, have you seen “yes to the dress” on TLC?

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