My Godsis Stephanie & husband Rusty got married recently.  My husband, Ryan and I always match one another before we go to a big event.  The color we decided to go with to this event was “black”.  Most of the time you can’t go wrong with solid black right?  Usually women find a dress first and then match their accessories accordingly.  I tend to do the opposite a lot of times.  I find a piece of accessory that I want to wear first and find a dress that I want to match it with.

The accessory I chose was a “black feathered necklace”.


From that necklace, I decided to go with a black semi lace dress so the feathers can help accentuate the lace sheer neckline.  My husband decided to go with the plain false black suit.  Together we came up with this:



Closer look of the Chanel bracelet my husband bought for me in Paris.  Definitely one of a kind piece he hand picked himself.  The man has exquisite taste.


If you all are wondering where we got our fits from, please see below.


Dress: Arden B

Necklace : Forever 21

Bracelet: Chanel Store on Rue in Paris

Purse: Vintage Bally’s  (My mothers)


Suit: Zara Plain False Suit

Tie: Macy’s Alfani Red Label

Tie Bar: Kohl’s


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