Stylistic V (Aka Vivian Khanh)

The love for fashion grew at a young age due to spending hours and days at my mother’s fashion boutique in LA. Every single item at the boutique was individual designed and constructed by her.  She is my heart and inspiration that has led me to want to continue what she never got to finish due to financial hardship and other circumstances.

At 13, I attended my first fashion show for YM magazine and I was truly inspired. From then to now I’ve attended many many fashion shows. From little boutique fashion shows to Paris Fashion Week. Worked for Gen Art LA Fashion Show, LA Fashion Corner Charity Fashion Show, and 3 shows at DTLA Fashion Week LA Spring Collection 2010 (Oliver Tolentino, The Battalion, and Elizabeth Mason (Vintage Valentino Collection). First job was in retail and been doing fashion as a hobby and love of interest. I worked 8 years as an Accountant and knew that was something I couldn’t do forever. Is fashion a passion? I’m still trying to figure that out. =)

After all these years, I never thought I’d be following my Dads footsteps as well as an journalist and editor publishing this blog.  With the strong admiration of both my parents, I hope to pursue my happiness through what I love to do…

Old Blog: http://stylisticv.blogspot.com/

Read me also on FrockOn:  http://www.frockon.com/about-us/


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