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18 thoughts on “ASK THE EDITOR

    • I personally do not like UGG boots and think the name fits the boots well. However the one that you sent me looks like a higher end version of UGGs. Meaning they are a 4 and not a 2. I can picture a winter fashion show using these boots for their show. As far as everyday wear unless you live in a city where it’s necessary, you probably shouldn’t be caught dead in them. My fiance’s response “she shouldn’t wear them out in the open field because she might get shot or mistaken for a horse or wild animal”. Despite my negative response to UGGs or these shoes, I think every person should be able to express themselves. If you love them and that is what makes you happy. Enjoy them and be happy with them! The most stylish person knows how to express themselves with confidence.

      Hope this helps. Happy shopping!

  1. What are the top “must haves” that a woman & a man should have in their wardrobe that can never go wrong? Also what are the basic necessities?

    • Must haves…

      1. Pair of dark fitted jeans
      2. Versatile top
      3. Little black dress
      4. Classic clutch
      5. One really nice pair of black stiletto pumps
      6. Trench Coat
      7. Fitted Skirt
      8. Dress pants
      9. Proper fitted jacket
      10. Stud Earrings

      1. Fitted pair of jeans
      2. White fitted v-neck
      3. Classic Suit
      4. Fitted dress pants
      5. Classic Tie
      6. Black Belt
      7. Black Shoes
      8. Sneakers
      9. Watch
      10. Favorite Sweater

    • Brooches are lovely! I wear them with my blazers or dresses to weddings and events. Even on a normal day out, I love them with blazers and a pair of nice jeans. They can make the outfit look extremely elegant.

      Try Banana Republic,, and H&M.
      If you live in Southern California, try Santee Alley !. Dirt cheap and cute supply of them!

    • Fall color leggings with leather or patches on them. Check the leggings with zips at Zara .

      Besides that, boots are a must right now. All shades of brown or red!
      One of my favorite boot shops Aldo .

      Try it and let me know how it goes!

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